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Next year is gonna be great. Let's see, 4 recent top class champs and two other aliens (Spies is an alien now, isn't he?) all racing together on factory bikes. I'm not sure the racing table has been set this good in a long time. Simoncelli and Dovi are good too, possibly winners, but each will at least snag a podium or two.

I don't think Rossi had much to do with Lorenzo's bike set up at all. I think set ups match riders and just cause Rossi's set-up works for him, it's probably not Lorenzo's perfect set-up. I don't think anyone succeeds at this level without knowing how to set up a bike. I hate to say it but I'm not sure either Hayden or Edwards knows how to set up or develop a bike. Their wins are either non-existent (Edwards) or very rare (Hayden). Spies knows set-up and gets results and should win a race or two next year. I think Max was poor at bike development and that's why he only won a few in the top class and couldn't get the M1 off the ground for Yamaha. That's when he got really good at whining. Rossi seems to be brilliant in this regard, Burgess as well. It'll be a bitter pill for Ducati if Rossi doesn't win for them. I bet he wins at least a few races, though probably not another title.

Rossi's been a good champ. I think he gives credit where it's due. He may not like doing it but he knows what's up. He's lost and regained his crown so he's climbed a few mountains. I think Lorenzo is the same age Rossi was when he won his first top class title. Rossi knows the day will come when he won't be able to win any longer, and he'll retire. Champs don't like just riding around to get fifth.

I do think Rossi's the GOAT. I think he has won for a long time in deep, competitive fields. Many younger guys have come up as 250 champs (as did Rossi) and only Stoner got a championship. And that in a year when it was pretty clear Ducati had the BEST electronics/tc package.

Worst whiner of all time? Mat Mladin. That bitch stayed at the the national level for 10 years until Spies ran him off. He had an excuse every time he didn't win, and he was a prick too. Don't miss ya MM!!
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