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what's important n not so important,,,,

Originally Posted by nuke
I'm new to all this stuff -

I just bought a new 2010 GS Adventure, haven't even put 150 miles on it yet.

Went out and plucked all the spokes on both wheels and they all make different notes. They all seem tight and none of them made "dud" sounds and I haven't found any noticeable vibrations running down the road.

Is this a sign of the loose QC you speak of?
IMHO,,,if the bike is sitting on the ground when you checked em,,,you will be getting a bunch of different sounds,,because your bike is hanging from the upper half of the rim,,,the ones to the front n rear are keeping your rim from bulging out and the lower ones are waiting their turn to do some work....

'mo better to have your bike on the stand ,,give your front wheel a quick spin and observe if the wheel is hopping around or hopefully look like its nice n steady/even as it spins,,,get a screwdriver or small wrench and ping the spokes in 4 sets ie the 10 going clockwise on each side of the bike as well as the 10 going CCW on each side,,,the 10 going in each direction should really sound the indication that they are all pulling equally in one direction,,,and so it goes for the other 3 sets,,,,

the duds of course are looser and need tightening,,,a whole different topic and ball-game,,,your wheel will settle in anywhere from circa 200-1000 miles depending on the size of the little serrated edges under the head of the spoke that keep the spoke from spinning while tightening,,,,,if the lthese little serrations are all the same length you are lucky,,the wheel should seat/settle in evenly,,,if not you wheel will slowly go out of true as the spokes settle in

do the same on rear,,,me i usually have someone hold the front end down ,,start the bike ,,put it in first and watch the rear as it spins,,,should me nice n smooth,,,repeat above procedure,,,,

so that's the nitty gritty of checking your X-laced wheels...

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