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After I'm sure the frame is stable enough to take a light cut, I start to align the frame better. I remove the frame and pick up my bottom locator adaptor. That is my Zero point for the cut. Install the frame again and start to install clamps...... doing this by my self, I should build a ROBOT helper as I've run out of hands so many times.

With the bottom zero point established, I need to get the top bearing journal aligned to make the cut straight and not change the head angle. I indicate the front of the frame to make sure it is perpendicular.

And tram the bearing race to confirm I have the frame as perfect as I can get it forward and back, and left to right. I was with in .005-.010", and that could have been an out of roundness condition of the race, pressed into the tube. I feel that's good enough for this application. (That's about 2-3x the thickness of a human hair)

I made some small adjuster screws that could be tweaked against the frame to get the frame in alignment. Tedious process, but now is not the time to cut corners.

So now that I feel happy about holding onto the frame, how do you go about cutting it....??

The frame is almost 9" long and I haven't purchased the LASER cutting attachment yet.

I measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of the new Christini Head Tube. I find a BI-Metal Hole saw that has almost the same OD.

But anyone that has used a hole saw knows that it works off a pilot hole that is drilled into the material. I don't have that.

As I take a break and look out the window, I see I have some spys trying to see what's up.
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