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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet)
Just a quick update to get this thread back on track (ahem)...

At what is very nearly the eleventh hour, fortunately some of my sponsors have come good, and various boxes have been arriving this week...

I'm heading into the workshop tomorrow and I ain't comin' out until I have an uprated stator fitted (thank you Trail-Tech UK), and a Hella Xenon DE projector-light working (thank you Touratech UK), oh and a new fender tail-pack and fork boots (thank you Kriega), and also hooked up my various rear fuel line connections (thank you ebay), and not least, finally applied some funky graphics over which I have been debating for weeks! (nothing like getting my priorities right eh?)

So, the bike should be very close to finished by the weekend... then it's time for testing!

I should also have some news any day now regarding the 'supporters packs' - I've already got confirmation from a couple of product suppliers, just waiting on the others, then I can finalize the T-shirt design.

The plan will be to sell the packs through the Desert Rose Racing website (yeah yeah, I know, the news pages need some serious updating - that's one of the jobs I intend to take on, once Patsy is back from Spain next week), in a similar fashion to Jonah's Riff Raff... That way you can use Paypal or Visa with a 'buy-it-now' button, and since all the money raised from your support will be going towards my assistance costs with Desert Rose anyway, that should all work out rather nicely I hope!

Pics and more info to follow shortly!

Toot toot!

J x
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