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We are fully loaded with fresh steaks ready for the grill, some snacks, and spiritual beverages.
We do not carry any cookware at all, not even a small grid to place the steaks.
But we do not want to camp too close from a civilized area, so we are expecting to find a good place and on the river bed. Sleeping with the noise of water running is always something very relaxing.

We ask for some directions and we get a couple tips to camp. Rrrrride!!!!

The Alex Hurricane destroyed almost the entire dirt road along the CASILLAS RIVER, but now is 90% restored.

So this part of the ride is along the Casillas River.

We asked for more directions to a lady on her truck, she did know where she was neither!
so we passed and asked other vehicle was there.

later at a water crossing, the same lady got behind us and at the time she headed to cross, got a flat tire, right besides me.

she looked at me and asked if was her truck or was my bike.

I'm sorry miss, but is yours.

she looked at us very worried, there were only kids on the truck, so we told her do not worry, we can replace the tire, do you have a spare?

happily she noded, and we proceeded to help her.

here are some pics of my compadre Andres and myself doing some tire changing right on an afluent of the Casillas river.

she go very happy and continue her journey.

in the mean time pilot was checkin the stream bed, since there were some potholes hiddend on other crossings, and some big slippery rocks not easily visibles (one of them would make me go down later).

new restored road

finally we find a place to camp.
but need to cross the river over this little woodlog bridge

crossed and looking back for pecas and pilot

the view ahead, almost there

there is, and there is the grill indicated by the locals.

but has no grid, so we need to take the one of the other grill that is no good spot.

there you go!!!

pilot eated our dust he was last on the line!
but soon i would be the one eating all's dust.

more later..


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