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Mobil One "extended" 10-W40 synthetic car oil - 33K miles.

NGK Iridium spark plugs. Denso really good too but hard to find cheap.
NGK's are about $10 ea. Denso double that.

I've used Twin-Air filters from the beginning. Very good, breath well but do wear out in 3 years ... so hang onto stock one.


-520 VS 525

I'm a bit of a chain/sprockets nut. Most don't care that much. On long trips out of the country a long lasting chain/sprocket set really helps. One less thing to worry about.

I'm a fan of DID X-ring chains. I just replaced my first DID 525 VM-2 X-ring chain ... it lasted 22,000 miles. One trick I learned to extend chain life is to change out the countershaft sprocket at about 10,000 miles. You hear all kinds of hype around sprockets. As dirt rider (former AMA Enduro racer) I've tried many sprockets, running 5 or 6 bikes you get a chance to see what works. I get the best results from Suzuki sprockets on my DR650. They are cheap and last well. Super hard sprockets are expensive and will EAT UP YOUR NEW CHAIN IN 10,000 MILES ... buyer beware.

If you want to convert to a 520 system, that's fine. A 520 system gives you more sprocket choices. Good if you ride a lot of dirt and need much lower gearing. Only two drawbacks are that a 520 chain will not last as long as a
525. 2nd is that the 520 does not come in a VM quality chain. But DID do make a V Xring chain which quite good ... but in the end won't match the VM-2 525. So make your choice.

I use an inexpensive Chinese chain cutting tool and an RK peening tool to fit the rivet link on the new chain. On trips I bring only a spare master link, no other chain tools. They are that reliable. I also carry TWO spare countershaft sprockets: A stock 15T and a JT 14T (Thailand) for off road where I need slightly lower gearing. But for more serious off road lower gearing is certainly desirable.

I clean with WD40 and use Motorex Synthetic off road chain lube. On the road I use plain 90 wt. gear oil. I carry rags (in zip-lock bags)to clean with the WD40.
While traveling I clean the chain, wheel and swingarm everyday. I've done this for the last 250,000 miles ... works well. Never over oil your chain. Won't help, just makes a mess.

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