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I will try to describe how to install the repair kit for the right side TB.
No special tools required, just what you have around in the garage is enough.

Once you take the TB off from the bike, you have to:
  • take off the 2 small screws holding the plate to the shaft;
  • take the aluminum cap off;
  • go WOT and take off the throttle plate from the shaft by pushing it towards one side or another in the throttle body;
  • take off the big screw holding the pulley to the shaft;
  • take off the pulley from the shaft;
  • put the throttle spring and plastic spacers somewhere;
  • get the thin washer and put it somewhere secure;
  • take off the o-ring towards the pulley;
  • using your fingers, push the shaft out towards where the aluminum cap used to be;
  • take out the outer o-ring;
You will now have the shaft and a washer and a c-clip on it. Take them off.

Disassembling is pretty easy, just follow the above steps in the order I have written them and it should be ok.

Now... How to reassembly everything.

First thing is to get the old bushings out. They might not be worn, but you will have to take them out and put the new ones from the kit instead.

This is what I have used to get them out. Some may say you need to heat the TB in order to expand and get them out easy, but I consider that they are too small and expand themselves because of that.

At the right side, there's a 13 screw. In the middle, there's a piece of copper wire, it has to be a 1 piece and not the multi-thread one.

The thing is, the screw is not as thick as the bushing, so you will have to put the wire in, and then screw in the smaller screw, so that it makes a thread inside the bushing and allow you to press it back form the other side. A screw tap is better if you have one around, but I didn't.

I have used 2 pcs of wood to support the TB and the longer screw inserted in the other side to hammer the small screw out, together with the old bushing.

Do the same thing in order to take the other side bushing out.

Now it's time to put the new bushings in.

*********LATER EDIT***********

Looks like there is a small issue with the replacements bushings, especially the small one on the L/H side TB, near the TPS side.

It looks like it is too tight on the outside, basically making it not stay fixed in the TB.

The fix is to "enlarge" it slightly so that it stays in and not fall out. You can do that using a cutter or some other sort of blade, that allows you to make it a little more wider. There is no risk of over doing it, because when it gets pressed in, it will come to the right size, once fitted inside the TB.

This is how the bushings come from the provider and I could not do anything to foresee this issue, but it can be easily fixed once you start getting your hands dirty.

Thanks for understanding!

Oil the outside of it for a more easy install.

On the longer screw, adjust the nut in order to get this:

What you see near the nut is one of the old bushings, used to press/hammer the new one in.

Put the new bushing on the hole and gently hammer it in a little so that it stays in place. Don't press it to far in because it will bend because of the hammering.

Now... put the long screw and the used bushing on top of the new one and press it in all the way.

Have a look from the inside of the TB to make sure that it's seated all the way in. It should look like this:

Do the same for the other side and you will then have this:

Now that you have installed the new bushings in, it's time to assembly the rest.

Install o-rings on the both sides, over the new bushings:

Now, take the spindle and put the c-clip on it and the thicker washer under it like so:

Now press the shaft from the aluminum cap side towards the engine side:

Now put the thinner washer over the o-ring like so:

Put one of the plastic washers over the shaft:

Put the spring back on:

Put the other plastic washer over the spring.

It's time to pot the pulley over the spindle, but first, and this is important.

The spindle has 2 holes in it, where the 2 small screws would fit in and hold the plate. When installing the pulley in the shaft

Make sure that the chamfers in the spindle allow you to screw in the two small screws in the direction from the air box towards the engine.

Here's a little trick that I use to get the spring on the pulley very easy. Get a thin piece of wire of any kind and grab the spring, install the pulley and then pull the spring using the wire in order to get it on the pulley indent.

Now, insert the plate in the spindle:

And put the 2 small screws in:

After you insert it in the shaft and move the pulley a couple of times until it is centered, put the screws in the kit inside the shaft and tighten them. Then secure them with the nuts and then you punch the end of the screws in the "+" pattern, to make sure the nuts would not come off because of the vibration or anything. They should not come off anyway, but just as a safety measure...

Also, put the aluminum cap back on the side of the TB.

Screw in the nut on the spindle, on top of the pulley. Don't overtighten it! It won't come off!


Now, make sure that the pulley and shaft + plate spin freely and come back by themselves to rest on the resting screws.

Replace the large o-ring on the TB where it meets the thick plastic pipes and also replace the o-ring on the BBS.

I will post the same thing for the L/H TB soon.


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