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I think you'll find the KTM 950 is heavier than the HP so I doubt you can say the KTM crowd has any exclusive on fun. Curiously, some don't seem to mind greater mass. Consider that the many folks stroll right by the 1200GS and buy the 1150 Adventure GS.

We each have different ideas of what is the best compromise and what sort of adventures we're optimizing to have. My idea of an adventure bike may be a lowered KLR, but I'll not say to the girl with the 1150 Adventure that her bike is too heavy. If it works for her, it's the right bike for her.

If we'd be honest here, we can always point out many deficiencies with our bikes. That is, until someone with a competing brand badmouths us and then we get all defensive claiming our bikes are the ones lacking flaws of any sort. Here in the real world where we can always improve what we have, there isn't any bike that is ideal or perfect.

Until we're all the same size, the same strength, the same aptitude and skill in riding, and headed for the same adventure, there will be no idea bike.
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