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I just used tuneECU to save the 2010 990R "stock" map my local dealer loaded onto my 990A ECU a couple of weeks ago. I sent it to Tom at for them to post up.

So far, I'm happy with the tune. There is still some bucking at very small throttle openings, but I'm betting I can work with tuneecu and reduce the effects of this unwanted behavior. IMHO, the fueling on this bike is superb anywhere away from 0-5% throttle. I only wish I had a tire sponsor!!!

I just did a 500 mile jaunt and saw 38-40 mpg on a 155 and 110 mile legs, street only. I'm not trying to set any MPG records, I'm just looking for extra range when I decide to get out in the back country. I was not running the SAI and both O2 sensors online and operational. FWIW, I do not baby the bike and I do not ride slow.
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