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LIke the Dicken's Classic "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.". Does anyone have a life I can borrow for a while? Sunday night is not the best time for me to ruminate and reminisce about the events over the last couple of weeks. The icing on the cake is that the one thing that gives me the greatest sense of Euphoria [aside from my wife and what I do for a living] is riding and the resulting "Macadam Madness", or "Tarmac Transcendence" where I realize a higher plane of existence . I have NO Time for! I need to go get some cheese to go with this "WHINE"! Right? I've got something in the wings here in the interim. I've got to upload some pics to "Smugmug" that will help explain things. More to come Shortly!?

"Signal and Matteo" glad to see people are still out there enjoying the thread, and yeah I love my girls lines and looks I go check on Her everyday even when I can't ride Her. I'll go in the garage and talk to Her ... Kira! Anyone beside me worried about that statement?

I hear ya talking "Andy". I am seriously planning the "Blue Ridge Parkway" run this coming year [check out the thread from "RockingRog"]. It goes with out saying I definitely hear the call of the West tugging at my heart strings, but as yet I haven't exhausted all the possibilities of the "Mountains of the East" yet. Here in the Mountains we are going into the "RUT"! Deer Hunting Flu is rampant right now, and for many around here that takes precedence over almost everything. They even close Schools for that week; they say for administrative purposes [yeah right]. I am decidedly confused state of mind [normal for me] right now. Too bad I can't ride and hunt at the same time. hhhmmmmmm getting some ideas here!

Alright let me get some pics uploaded! Be back in a moment or two.
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