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The "Love - Hate" relationship is better explained visually than to attempt to describe it verbally! [Yeah I know ladies men are visual, and women are better! Right?] I love living here in the Appalachia's, but there are times when the weather prevents you from doing some things you enjoy the most. .... Well check this out!

See what I mean? You can't argue with this kind of beauty, but.....

Just last January, ... into February..... INTO..... let's just say I really enjoyed April!

The Deck on back of the house!

This was the first of the two back to back storms. The promise is that this year is supposed to be just like this scene. JOY!

The road in front of the house! the City plow has already come through!

Friend and Neighbor trying to make safe passage! REALLY?

And it finally stops This is what you have.

And the insult added to injury? Try going from 1/4 ton of fast moving fun, 163HP, 0 to 60 in 2.6 seconds, 6 speed Bavarian mechanical masterpiece to 9HP Briggs and Stratton 5 speed forward three speed backwards, tank tread drive "Yard Man" snow cannon!

NOT Pretty!

Like I said; I love living here, but there is a price to pay! Oh Yeah I'm feeling it!

The Hope of Spring! It's just around the corner.

Winter is not here yet, but cooler temperatures, rainy weather is. Couple this with sunset comes around 5:00pm and ..... ??? did I just hear "Kira" calling for me?

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