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Thanks Joel and AlanI.

I just spoke to Touratech. Their design is really poor. I strongly recommend against using their skid plate. Not only does it not offer any protection from the front wheel sending rocks into your pipes but it is also designed to break. Their system uses a rubber mount that is screwed into the oil pan. Rubber makes sense here because bolting a hard plate directly onto the pan can cause damage to the pan from impact. Their design however is the problem. They bolt the rubber mount onto the oil pan and then use a separate screw to attach the bash plate to the rubber mount. The screw goes in about 1/4 inch and is only supported by rubber for the most part. As a result, vibration causes the screw to eventually sheer the rubber in half leaving a very difficult bolt to remove form the pan.

If you ride alot of rocky dirt, DO NOT BUY THE TOURATECH PLATE.

Now I have to figure out how to get the bolts out off the oil pan. Joel do you know the size of the socket?
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