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Originally Posted by tallguy-09
I did lo-beam 5000K (4300K is ok but would advise not to go higher than 5000K) only mainly because I wanted to keep the hi-beam on H7 in case the HID stops working. Also the H7 hi-beam comes on right away so you can use it to flash, also mounting one ballast/cables was enough work :-)

you can flash with HID, it typically has 80% of full output so it's still brighter than halogen and the "camera flash" caracteristics really gets people's attention when passing. Remember to pull into the mirror zone before flashing if you want to get the best results.

Keep in mind, the higher the colour temp (K), the lower the light output. You get more light with 3000k (yellow- where legal) than with 5 or 6000k. Typical 55w halogen is 1100 lumens, 35 w hid is 3300lumens. 4000+ for 55w hid. I run 4300k in my main and spot lights(legal reasons), 3000k in my fog/daytime running lights (allowed by law here).
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