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Originally Posted by ricepaddy
Hey everybody,
The rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exagerated. and I'm not a mummy although I sometimes feel like one.
Here is a new Low Country tag for you folks to play with.

When I saw the name of this place I just about flipped. You will find the Ricepaddy ------- near the water in the 3rd oldest city in South Carolina. This one should be pretty easy, but I will give more clues if needed. Good luck everyone and happy motorcycling.

Ricepaddy A shout out to Fox and Laura. Most excellent video by the way.
Its my tag and I'll cry if I want to. Cry if I want to. You would cry to if this happened to you.

Little did I know that placing a tag in this location would be certain death, but then again, I've found that placing a tag anywhere in the low country is certain to be a dud.

Here's to all the duds in the low country.
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