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Well, I’ve gone and done it…

I bought the domain name, .net and .org.

Holy SHIT, what have I’ve done?

The concept is to bring women together in a supportive learning environment where they can gain courage and confidence to work on and repair their bikes.

I hope men with the temperament and patience to teach will join as well.

A series of events and people popping out of nowhere to offer their services and help has given me the courage to attempt to start my own forum.

While traveling this September, I met Jon aka NikonsAndVStroms who offered his services to build a site if I ever wanted to build based on an idea I had.

Then this week somebody over on Ocelot offered to walk me thru buying a domain and how to set it up.

AND he said he would host it for free!

Ocelot aka Davis and I talked on the phone and I got a good feeling about him.

Others have come forward like GSbiker, geode, Smithy and some from other forums to offer help and advise.

So, there ya have it.

There is also a HUGE amount of stuff that needs to take place and get done before it goes live, so it will be at least 3-6 months.

On a side note:

It was brought to my attention that ‘wenches’ might be seen as a bit demeaning term to use. The thought added that some women would see like that also.

I understand where the comment came from.

The word has less than a noble history. But its older meaning is that of a milk main, a woman of simple and poor means.

Yes, it has a dark side, but in America, it almost never used as a derogatory or demeaning term.

Among women, we often call each other wench or heifer, but only as a term of rough affection. Like men use bastard or some other sideways term that only close friends can get away with.

These are "slap on the butt" words, if you know what I'm saying.

I want to avoid looking too formal so as not to make people feel like they wouldn't be welcome.

I want it to sound fun and casual, like the way a garage does when the beers come out and everyone sits around looking at what they just finished fixing.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on what you would like in such a forum.
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