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Talking cush back wheel (Needs a bearing)

Well I was at a mates place and we got talking about the dr650 back wheel and how it is very close to the ktm wheel and we sumised that the dr wheel had to fit the yz rear end so off I went to find a suitable set of bearings.

First hurdle the closest bearing to put the yz axel into the dr hub is an odd ball 47mm OD and a crazy 7/8 inch ID this puts the metric ID at 22.22
This is more than a loose running fit, not acceptable, so I had to fit some brass shim to take up the slack this worked ok for now.

I then had to make a few new spacers to put in the wheel no worries. Fitted the wheel up and low and behold the dr wheel is only 3mm narrower from inside disk to inside sprocket than the yz wheel, so if I make the internal spacer again 3mm wider and trim some off the two outer spacers the wheel will fit up to the yz rear end with no problems. If I get a dr wheel to run as a cush rear for this project (heaps cheaper option) I will re-lace with an 18 inch and change the offset to suit the whole setup

Can anyone help with a metric bearing 47 x 22 x 14 this bearing is not listed here at my bearing wholesalers but it has to exist I just know it does

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