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PCQ: Chester to Lake Basin (near Gold Lake) 171 miles

It was a beautiful morning.
We stopped to consult Norm and I noticed some movement in the plants.
They were climbing up the stalks, in search of something tasty.

Alright, so hereís the trail.

Very lightly used...

In July, we missed this due to snow.

Hereís the spring...

Caribou Rd was a twisty one!

The PCQ could use a little work - thereís too much slab...

And closed roads.
We went down this one...

Until it dead-ended.

We bent our front rim somewhere around here.
Whacked a square babyhead - we just nicked the corner, but we were going fast enough to do this:

More slab.

Was this another closed road? Not sure...

There were a few leaks. We took a look around, for journalistic purposes.

Thereís this.

And this. And another gate at the end.

Do yourself a favor - donít bother with this section.
Instead of going through the gate, continue on the main road for a little bit (1/4 mile or so) and make your first left (going North to South).
Itís really not worth taking the closed road, and that 2nd gate is pretty tough to get around.
Um, I mean, in theory.

It sure is pretty up here.

We stayed at Lake Basin campground.
If you continue on to Gold Lake, thereís a free section of the campground.
Itís after the rocky part (if youíre going North to South).
Go there instead.

You can see Gold Lake below...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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