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Tool Box Idea for the KTM LC4

This idea uses a Stick Electrode Holder (SEH) from almost any welding supply shop. Mine was $11.95 from Clarke Industrial in San Jose, CA. The idea is not mine actually; KTM640Dakar originally posted this idea here:

He sent me a piece of the aluminum to make a carrier (thanks! ) but in my rush to get ready for a big trip I had no time to drill/bend it, so I tried using the stock parts, which are two large clamps for the charcoal cannister:

They work! Note: one of the clamps is the right size and the other is a bit small. The larger one is perfect! - The smaller is not. So I used a longer bolt to allow the smaller one to fit around the tube; it is the one closer to the rear.

I also put a nut between the clamp mount and the clamp on the larger one (in the front) to adjust the "pitch" of the tube, so that it would line up with the offset rear. Seems to work well, although I haven't bottomed out yet...

Here is a shot from the back if that helps to gauge the clearance with the rear tire:

Here is the entire SEH mounted up:

Note (as discussed in the other thread) the length of the tube (18"! ). It may have levered off the frame mounting tabs I suppose, so I took a piece of HD safety wire (I can look at the gauge if anyone wants) and ran it around the frame and thru the SEH's supplied cap lanyard hole

Since you do not open this thing often it doesn't matter, although I might put a quick release clip on at some point. The tube doesn't shake around at all.

The SEH touches the rear quarter panel in my mounting. I thought this better than touching the rear wheel. I rode 700-800 miles last weekend (100 off road) and didn't have a single problem with the setup. For some of that I had soft bags draped over the quarter panels and no problems.

This is what I can fit in mine:

The Ballards tire irons, MTB tire pump (that supposedly goes to 120psi), and the stock tool kit (closest to the front please). The T-handle wrench doesn't fit in the tube (as stated in the other thread) so I simply put it in my fender bag. Problem solved!

Now as I was about to slide the tool kit into the tube I wondered how I would get the bugger out with my big hands. I rememberd the long Motion Pro screwdriver I bought to adjust the idle mix screw and slid the tool pouch in with the angled part of the screwdriver "cupping" it from beneath. Then when I wanna remove the pouch I simply pull on the screwdriver and it hooks the tool pouch! Now I also always have my idle mix screwdriver; not that I need it with the BST

So here it is mounted up. I chose blue to try the best paint scheme that AussieRob is always bellowing about (how's the shoulder mang? ). Looks nice and goes well with the 03 colors. All in all I give the mod

PS - the SEH comes with a rubber cap seal so if it ain't waterproof my name ain't Nathan Arizona!!!
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