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Hy Pyrate!
Naw, this is just a one day dealie...

PCQ: Gold Lake to French Meadows 131 miles

We were using tracks from R-dubbís day 7.

Gold Lake

There was a rockier section, but some jeeps were blocking the road so I didn't get photos.
BigWan couldnít pick a line - he just took what was open.
Of course, what was open had the biggest rocks.

We came through here in July, but we were so tired after struggling in the snow, I didnít take any photos.
Now, I'm making up for it!

This is the video I posted back on page 21 (post #305).
Iím trying to keep all of the PCQ stuff together (this RR needs an index ).
Back in July, we had had a bunch of watercrossings.
I think thatís what weíre talking about in the video - it was hard to recognize the road when it was dry.

That video ends close to the free section of the campground.
We talked to some guys who were staying there - they said it was great.
The rocks really keep out the riff-raff!

Hereís a video you havenít seen yet.
This is leaving Gold Lake on Butcher Ranch Road.
In July, we blasted down this hill, so happy to get out of the snow!

This started to look familiar...

It was kind of hard to take snow-less photos in the right spots.
We were just guessing where the snow-covered pics were taken.

I got lucky with a few of them!

Here's a reminder of how our ride was going in July:

BigWan left that stick at the base of the tree...

This one is a little tougher.
I was standing too far to the left for the non-snowy picture.
You have to use your imagination...

The ride was a hell of a lot faster without snow!
That section was over in a blink.

We had some ďfall colorsĒ


Butcher Ranch was awesome in either direction.
Itís a real highlight of the trail.
Going North to South youíll hit more uphill stuff,
but South to North was just as fun.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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