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Originally Posted by Pete640
OK - so the flange is still somewhere between here and the mother land, cant do much about that, so Ive been back at it. Ive joined the two halves to the centre section. That was easy enough but getting it on and off the subframe was another matter. I know the individual tanks would have been so much easier to make - but thats the easy way out. So back into the shed and a little bit later I have a totally integrated unit that slides on and off the subframe (once its removed from the bike). Thats was the hardest bit of the project so far - more complicated that I thought.
Anyway now Ive just got to fair and finish the tank (need the filler and hardware to fit it up then do the tail unit. One consession I will be making is rebating the tanks to fit the pillion pegs - 2 reasons there;
1. Wife does pillion now and again and the tank will be a biarch to take off once its on,
2. If I need to pillion friends when out on longer rides (injured person or bike)

Ive added a couple of pics here:
(yeah I know - get a photosharing acc - I will )

I'll post up more when I get the bits and pieces. And the CF bashie looks great - need to fit that as well

excellent work Pete. Are you going to be applying fiber glass/CF/kevlar over the styrofoam? If so, have you allowed enough clearance between your form (foam) and the frame to allow the growth in dimensions? Or are you making a plug, then mold THEN the finished product in the mold?
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