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PCQ: Gold Lake to French Meadows continued...

Should we check this out?
You know we like big buttes...(hi questor! )

We didn't notice this road last time...
It was pretty fun!

Hey, a lookout tower!
Letís go up there...

Thereís a gate on the road to the lookout tower.
(No pics)
When we got up there, some official looking jeep guys were unlocking the gate...
We tagged along and took a quick peek.

I wish I had taken video - the road up to the lookout was pretty steep and rocky.
But, it was dusty with the jeeps.

You can see we were just as overloaded as ever...

I walked around and took photos once we stopped.

Hereís a pic of the road.
You can kind of see the line we took...

Looking back down at the trail...

Check out the view...

I think thatís Sierra Buttes road - weíll be taking it later...
(see it down there in the green stuff?)

Okay, we need to get out of here...
Weíre getting nasty looks from hikers and it doesnít seem like weíre supposed to be up near the lookout...
Thatís what we get for hanging out with jeeps.

I totally forgot to take a video going down the steep section.
Gah! I suck at this.
Well, hereís part of our descent (after the good stuff, of course )
You can hear me laughing in the middle of the vid.
I had just told matt to ride carefully, there were a lot of hikers around.

He assured me, ďdonít worry, Iíll ride cool...Ē
Uh huh.
(sorry for the wind noise)

I love Sierra Buttes Road...
Itís so pretty, I took a ton of photos the first time through.
I'll try not to repeat myself (just look at the pics from that link).

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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