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PCQ: Gold Lake to French Meadows concluded...

Leaving Sierra City, you go towards a small subdivision called
Green Acres.
The GPS tracks are pretty jacked up in this section.

This is where youíre supposed to turn onto the trail...

Yeah, that's not going to work...

Instead, we took this path, further up the road.

It was being blocked intentionally.

Oh, riiight.
This is close to where we found that scary axe murderer camp in July...
(scroll down to bottom of post)

If you're on FR 54, stay on it.
(donít go right if youíre doing the trail N to S,
donít go left if youíre doing it S to N)
Thereís definitely something sketchy happening at that camp.
Meth lab, maybe? Dunno.

Hereís the "trail."

This creek crossing kind of sucks in either direction.
Maybe worse going North to South.

I think this is FR 54.


Camped at French Meadows.
Elevation 5368 ft

Maybe this post will make more sense with a map:
Our GPS tracks are in blue. Our jacked up detour didn't show up for some reason. The creepy camp is roughly where that X is.
The pink dots show the route you should take (FR 54).

See, this shows that FR 54 should work out...

Haha, I'm finally getting the hang of this...
One more map for good measure

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
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