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Now that the Head Tube is removed there in no turning back now, one way or another I was going to get this to work. If I couldn't, there would have been a very interesting Flee Market add.....

You can see here that the 950 Head Tube is a little longer than a 530 Head Tube.

And for good reason. This frame needs to handle twice the power and weight of the smaller bike w/o out flexing. You can also see how much larger the Head Tube Bearings are over stock, adding strength.

The Orange cover on the Head Tube is the Inspection/Service cover for the gears inside the head, sealed in by a rubber gasket. These gears are greased w/ synthetic grease and run.

Now that the frame is out of the CNC machine, it's ready to be put back on the bench. I put the 950 ADV engine up there on block and bolted the frame down around it. This is the first time for me to start trying to fit all these pieces together.

This might fit here....NO maybe over here. Well that won't work either.....maybe if I cut this off, and this......

Normally there is a bit of room to work with on the singles, but not so much with that rear cylinder in the way. Oh, ya....Don't forget the bank of carbs up top.

I start to work with the CAD to design some gear box mounts and print them out on paper to help me visualize this stuff. I don't have PRO-E, just POOR-E. HA-HA...bad joke.

I let this sit for a bit while I thought of placement ideas. I have some fee CNC time so I started to work on a Sprocket Fixture to test location for the second sprocket. Ordered up a single point Thread mill holder to allow me to make whatever size thread I needed. Much cheaper in the long run than buying a tap for these larger sizes.

I could have done this on the lathe, but I still needed to mill Hex Flats on with the mill, so I just did everything in the CNC in two holdings.
1) Mill the 32MM hex (same as Stock) and the Arbor Dia and length.
2) Flip it over holding onto the Arbor Dia in a vise with some jaws cut to hold that Dia. Mill the bore and Minor Dia, then Thread mill.

Takes a little program work and testing, but it's easier to hit a button and have the machine to it. Plus I'll have it figured out for when I need to make more out of Stainless in the future for the working part.

Not to bad.

This would act as the test "BOLT" to hold the counter shaft sprocket on.
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