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Thanks for all the kind words everyone! It is getting a lot closer to completion, but still needs a good bit of wrench time.

Yea, the balcony is nicer at this apt, but its a wood floor as opposed to concrete, so if any fluids spill, they can run down onto the balcony below... hasn't happened yet but I need to be careful when working on it out there.

Anywho, a bit of work's been done shortening & laying out wiring harnesses, but the most photogenic stuff has been to the mounts for the throttle bodies & the fuel rails.

The original plan had been to use both the CBR rubber coupling and the CL coupling, but when I actually mocked it up, it seemed... slightly flimsy.

So, instead, I went to work to put together more permanent. Time to get all the rubber off of the CL's couplings to get some flanges I can weld to...

I also had some 1 1/2" tube laying around that I had been using as a breaker bar, and the ID was as perfect of a match for the newly created flange. Unfortunately, the OD did not even remotely match the CBR couplers, so I needed to find something that did. A run out to the hardware store netted a short piece of 1 1/4" pipe (no idea what schedule). After a bit of cutting and welding (wow, I'm a bit rusty with the TIG torch), I got these:

Not pretty at all, and they still need a bit of finishing, but they position the throttle bodies so that the filters will clear the battery box and the megasquirt, but not far enough to hit your legs when riding. I also welded on some tube compression fittings to the end of the rails, so I can use a bit of hard tubing between the throttle bodies for the fuel instead of hose-clamping some rubber line and hoping it holds.
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