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PCQ concluded...903 miles total

So much for exploring...

Lunchtime. My burger.
BigWan had a cheeseburger.

Got fuel, too.

Found another lookout.

This was a fun ride.

Here we go. Leek Springs Lookout.

Okay, that was the last of the interesting stuff.
There was a little more dirt,
then the rest of the day was boring slab.

I like this shot, though.

So, our little excursion was just over 900 miles.
Mostly really fun.

We toasted the front rim, but Matt had been expecting it.
The stock KTM rims are pretty shitty.

Our new Woody’s rim has arrived, and matt already put it on...
Excel A-60, superlaced.
Haha, all the money we save on haircuts, maps and doctor visits goes right to the bike...

All righty, now I feel like the ride report is complete.

Are we done?
Yeah, we’re done!

I leave you with one last video, taken on Sierra Buttes.
Again, BigWan was supposed to be "riding cool," but he gets progressively faster.
At the very end, it looks like the video is fast forwarding - but it's just him hitting the gas!
I needed to stop filming and hold on.

(Bronco3738 and I had a weird psychic moment on 11/14...
I was uploading this clip, just as he was posting his comment [post #930]...


Thanks for stopping by (again).
Now, go hit the dirt!
And then do a ride report...

We all need something else to read!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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