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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
ah your saying if the tabs break and the tube sways towards the middle axis of the bike and i bottom out I would hit the tube! got to hand it to ya boe, safety is #1!

i suppose i could pop it out thru the side so it couldnt do that; lemme check (not now I am at work). but wouldn't the tire just push the tube back where its supposed to be (and I would likely hear it rubbing)? seems like I would have to be pretty oblivious to miss the warning track...
Anything can happen at any given time especially when your riding off-road.
I've seen the impossible made possible..

Your tire is moving in the momentum of where you don't want the tube to be,
I see a possible catapult or lock up. What if the knobs catch a corner of tube?? You could also drop the bike on that side and bend something, so now you have more problems to deal with. You see where I'm getting at?
A small canister like the stock tool pouch is O.K. and is definetly out of the way but you have a telephone pole back there amigo..

I see an empty luggage rack that can accomodate your tools, tubes and such easily.

Gotta go to work see ya..
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