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Originally Posted by KnuckC
Hey Dave,

I just picked up your V2 skidplate. Will Locktite work as well as antiseize?
Thanks KnuckC!
I appreciate the support. You're even in the same neck of the woods so I'll definitely see you out there!

I wouldn't use Loctite. You can use a synthetic grease (like a good quality bicycle grease since it won't harm the rubber) in a pinch. Otherwise Canadian Tire down on Main will have anti-seize in the auto section.

Originally Posted by njoytheride
I had the same issue with the skid plate bolts coming a part. orderd some from McMaster Carr for less then $2.00 per bolt. I have the part # somewhere.
I would definitely like a part # if you can dig it up. I hadn't researched it yet and I though they were proprietary.

How about a group buy?

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