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Thanks, WOXOF - I love the clouds in that one!

I haven't gone back to read much of this RR, but with 63 pages, it's a challenge to find anything!
The freaking pages take forever to load, too.

This morning I renewed our photobucket pro account for a year - the photos should be safe until next december...

Anyway, if I can't find anything, I guess no one else can either.
I added a very basic index to the first post, and I'll put it here at the end, too.
Here you go:

The Stupid Index

Pacific Crest Quest: starts on page 1, and there's an update (PCQ days 6,7 and 8 without snow) here.
Oregon Back Country Discovery Route: starts here.
Continental Divide Trail: starts here.
Trans America Trail: starts here.

And for those of you who have questions about the GPS tracks we used for this ride, the info is here.

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