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Originally Posted by Shoganai
Well, Iíve gone and done itÖ

I bought the domain name, .net and .org.

Holy SHIT, what have Iíve done?

A series of events and people popping out of nowhere to offer their services and help has given me the courage to attempt to start my own forum.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on what you would like in such a forum.
Well I think it's a great name! I love alliteration in names. Makes them easy to remember!

That's great that so many people have come forward to help you out! Best of luck and I definitely want to be a part of it! I am also a designer so if you ever need anything like flyers, postcards, web site work, whatever feel free to drop me a line!

I don't really have any content to add at this point. Would you consider putting on Bark Busters part of that type of forum? That will be something I will do in the next couple of weeks. Maybe the forum could be broken down into sections. I don't know how you'd be breaking out the forum - like engine work, changing tires, something like that.
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