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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007
Nice to see it coming together, Jenny.

You have a whole spare bike???
Erm, yeah... it sounds like an indulgence I know, but as you will be aware, the difference with Dakar is that you absolutely have to make your start time the next day or you're out - and typically there is no time for your service crew to rebuild (your engine for example) overnight - especially if you've dragged yourself in in the small hours... so it is simpler, and often essential, to swap the damaged part out quickly and get you back on the start line, then they can spend the necessary time while you are competing the following day, repairing [hopefully] whatever went wrong, so you have a spare again?

Buying a complete spare bike means I have one of everything that could ever go wrong - engine, cooling system, brakes, loom, CDi, coil, battery... etc etc. - not to mention wheels, forks and shock should I take them too (as Patsy said, if you've had a bad enough crash to bend your forks, you're probably in no shape to continue anyway!)

Buying all those parts individually would be extremely expensive - for example I bought a spare coilpack for the WR before Tunisia, that was 80 on it's own! - and hopefully, most of those spares you won't even use?

Starting with a complete bike means I can simply rebuild it after the event, and only have to buy those parts I actually used to complete the rebuild?

My intention is to rebuild the brand new bike, and transfer the rally kit to that for next season, then either keep the old [Dakar] bike for trail riding and a spare parts stash, or perhaps sell it on to help finance the next season FIM events... yeah, I still want a pop at Dos Sertoes too you know!

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