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On to Newfoundland

Sleeping in a warm room has its rewards. You can get up in the middle of the night without freezing as well as wake up in the morning and lay around thinking of the last few days and what you've seen. But, at some point you need to start packing. I wasn't sure how far I would ride today. I knew I had 400 km of new gravel and then I needed to get to Port Hope Simpson for fuel.

The Beast has a 41 liter tank so, if full, I can make over 650 km. The problem is if I fill the tank I've got about 70 lbs of fuel. I'm always trying to decide how much fuel I should carry for a given road. In this case, I put in enough to insure I could get to Port Hope Simpson, but I didn't fill it up.

The 400 km of new gravel hwy wasn't too bad. A little soft in places and in other sections a road grader has been through, so the road would be real soft. But, for the most part it was like this

About 45 minutes into the ride the clouds started dropping and then it started to drizzle.

It wasn't too much longer and I had finished the first 400 km and was at the intersection of hwy 510.

If you don't have the range, then you can ride to Cartwright for gas. But, that's heading north, and you need to head south to Port Hope Simpson.

It wasn't long after the intersection that it start raining. It wasn't a downpour, but it was constant rain and before I knew it, I was riding in about 3 inches of mud. I first realized how deep the mud was when I was about 25 km from Port Fort Simpson an applied a little front brake, which almost dropped the Beast. At Port Fort Simpson I seriously though about stopping for the day (it was around 1 pm) but decided to push on to the next town.

The road, while muddy in places was much better, scenery wise, then the earlier part of the trip

But it continued to rain and I continued to push to the "next town" down the road. About 6 PM I decided I'd stop at Red Bay for the night.

But, at Red Bay the road was paved so I continued to Blanc Sablon and my ferry

In a little over an hour it left for Newfoundland, so I had time to grab a bite to eat and start drying my riding gear before boarding. 650 km of gravel road wasn't too bad for a days ride!
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