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Originally Posted by Poolside
I've been working on a series of enhancements to make the boxer motor on the GS run smoother and better. It's the first of a series of hot rod products and mods that I've been developing, for quite some time now.

For the first device, I figured out a mod that will work under all operating conditions, will work for every rider, and it's user adjustable.

For the past 25 years I've worked as a designer of Industrial and Automotive electronics. I know what it takes to make a motor run properly, and I know what must be changed for the motor to pass EPA.

Because of my understanding of combustion, and experience with the firmware algorithms that EFI systems use to operate, I know how to optimize and tailor the various inputs or sensors to the EFI to make the boxer motor run better, to make them run the way they are supposed to.

When I first rode the bike in stock, electronically unmodified form, it was apparent what should be done to make it run correctly. There were 3 choices, remove the Motronic ECU and start from scratch, replace it with an aftermarket EFI system, or achieve 80-90% of the needed changes using only external modifications.

These external improvements to the EFI are designed as a series of individual devices that work together to produce the desired results. They are added one at a time to enable the engine to run smoothly and with authority.

Because of our common desire to make the boxer motor run really well, John (johnjen) and I have worked together to figure out how we can offer these hot rod part enhancements to the rest of the GS community.

The first one is in the final stages of development, and we will announce its availability and subsequent details in the Vendors forum when it is ready. For now this thread is meant to examine the specific features of the devices themselves.

- Jim


PS Can I make a DVD for the install?
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