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Huh.. You beat me too it.
Enough of the smart-arse comments. If I want to cop shit I can get it any time at home.

I finally received the ratchet adjuster handles today and took a heap of pics to be able to post a pictorial review on the "XT1200Z: The new WaspWorks Super Tenere, in detail and the evolution" thread tonight, but I may as well stick it on here now.

Barge had a new MotorradWorks Cat-back exhaust fitted a couple of days ago and while he was here I thought it might be an opportune time to install the prototype screen adjuster to his bike to gain feedback from another individual in the field.
Bare in mind that the unit on Graham's bike is a proto with all the rough edges, and even requires individual manipulation of the 4 adjuster bolts every time a change in screen angle is required.

Through the use of a cleaver ratchet lever system , the production version of the MotorradWorks S10 windscreen adjuster requires only two adjuster handles that allow accurate adjustment of the height, for and aft movement, and top and bottom tilt adjustment without the need for tools and even while wearing heavy winter gloves.
The cross tubes that you will see in the following pictures carries a threaded rod that is secured on one side by a slot running nut and tightened on the other by the (perfectly sized) ratcheting lever.
As the lever is tightened it distributes equal clamping force to all four carry plates to securely lock the screen at precisely the right angle and height.

The screen sits about 1/2" (12mm) forward of it's standard position, but at exactly the same height and angle when the MotorradWorks adjuster is installed.
This adjuster mechanism allows an incredible range of motion by allowing the entire screen to be moved forward parallel from the factory position by 40mm, and up from the factory position by 60mm.
The screen can also be tilted about the top pivot point or bottom pivot point by virtue of the two horizontal adjuster slots.

With this Adjuster, everyone has the ability to find their "happy place" free of buffeting and with adjustable degrees of fresh air flow.
I even have two commonly used adjustments to suit weather I am riding in suburbia or cruising the open country road.
Adjustment from one setting to another can be done while on the bike (not in motion obviously) while wearing gloves, and takes only 10>20 seconds. Once tightened, the ratchet levers can be rotated and locked it any position for a neat appearance.

Anyway, on with the pics.

(Shows screen at the lowest setting)

Powder coating has the same textured finish as the dash and most of the other black components on the bike.
(Shows screen at the lowest setting.)
Note the stainless steel slot running nut (round) and stainless steel dome nut..
The slot running nut is secured to the threaded rod that passes to the other side of the adjuster bracket, and is tightened by the opposite ratchet handle.
The handles for the top and bottom adjusters are on opposite sides to allow plenty of room and ease of adjustment with out handles fowling each other.
The twin cross tubes provide an incredible amount of stiffness to the assembly once both ratchet levers are tight meaning that there is no movement or vibrations in the screen at any angle, and lifting/moving the screen into position is made easier my the use of the cross tubes as lifting handles.

My preferred suburban/mid paced screen angle.

So you get the gist from the pics above how the mechanism works. The pics below show the degree to which the screen can be adjusted.

Not in any particular order.. Looking at the slots gives a better indication of where the screen is in relation to its total range of adjustment.

Remember, this is with the screen secured at its lowest bolt hole position.. There is another set of holes available that will lift the screen about 25mm higher on this mount.

(Close to factory mount position)

(move parallel away from rider by about 40mm)

(Mid rallye angle look)

(High rallye angle look)

(40mm out and maximum height)

(In and maximum height)

(high speed highway cruise angle)

(I dunno,, Maybe Barge should have used this max flow position in today's stinking heat)

(My preferred highway angle)

So, there are about 1,000,000 more positions that I could show you but I dont think I have the bandwidth.
Suffice to say, you WILL find your happy place.

The MotorradWorks S10 windscreen adjuster is available now at


P.S - This adjuster will also work with aftermarket screens and in fact I will be putting my little Calsci shorty tinted back on.
Still offers incredible performance and looks cool.

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