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Day 1 - Creel to Batopilas

With the bikes unloaded and some Mexican styled breakfast in the belly (I had the rancheros) it was time to start the ride. 10 years ago the pavement stopped at Creel but we had 50 km of really fun twisty pavement to run that reminded me of the Cherahola Skyway in Tennessee...

We gathered the group up at the bridge crossing the Urique River for a bit a rest stop before coming to the end of the pavement...

We then came up to the road construction. In Copper Canyon there's no flashing signs, barricades or flagmen to tell you there is road construction is ahead. You may see a flag stuck in the ground but the "normal" method is two rocks stacked on top of each other. Barack had told us about this method at the riders' briefing so then was no drama. The road crew had just finished rolling out a section of gravel that was perfectly smooth, flat & compacted. After we went through there was 13 perfectly preserved motorcycle tire tracks. As we went by the roller operator we could see him just shaking his head as we upset all his hard work. Given that this is Mexico it is my guess that they will just tar over our tracks so when you head south from Creel in the future you will be able to follow my lines through the corners.

We stopped again in the town of Quirare to get the group together before coming to the rim of the canyon. The view from the outlook was spectacular...

It was then time to "drop in" as we say in the ski biz. Here is the link to the video on YouTube since I can't seem to get the embedding to work...

Decent into Batopilas Canyon

This video only takes you halfway down to the river.
Once we got to the bridge there was a school bus that had just came down the same road taking a buch of kids to a basketball tourny in the same town where we were headed. Scott and Russ provided much of the entertainment for the kids while we waited for the rest of our group to make it down...

We then just went a little way to a little hamlet called Bacuseachi to find some shade and wait for the support truck that had our burritos for lunch.
As we were eating the school bus rolled by with all the kids hanging out the window waving as they went by.
Once we had some fuel for the belly it was time for the final leg of the day. While rolling around a corner there was a big truck tire laying in the middle of the road. A few kilometers later I came across our guide, Alphonso carrying the Mexican school bus driver on the back of Alphonso's bike. A little while later I passed the school bus being driven by one of the students. The story I got later was Alphonso caught up to the bus and told the driver where the missing tire was. The bus driver then told one of the students (about age 13) to drive the bus into town while the driver went back with Alphonso to retreive the missing tire. We are not exactly sure how the driver was planning on getting the tire to town but this is Mexico so I imagine it happened somehow. I don't even want to think about a 13 year old driving a school bus on that road.

As we arrived in Batopilas, the town was celibrating the basketball tourney and the square was full of song, dancing, food and games. We got to our hotel and after a quick shower to get rid of the road dust we got some cervesa and went to check it out. Dinner was just down the street and the hot sauce was not for the faint of heart.

Here are a few stats from Day 1...

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