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Originally Posted by AdvGa
I just found I had a small Oil Leak from the Rear of the Engine and found it came from the Gear Position Sensor (Engine/ Shifting Mechanism #25, #26 per the microfiche '06 ADV) by the Red Arrow.

Hopefully the Formagasket used will do the job.

Hopefully you got it sorted by now, I JUST fixed this leak on mine a few days ago. I "laid 'er down" (like the Harley guys ) 'cause I recently did an oil change and didn't want to lose $30 worth of synthetic.

I took the o-ring to several auto-parts stores with no luck, their o-rings were way to thick. I went to the mega Jap bike dealer and found one in their o-ring bin that was a little smaller in diameter and slightly thicker than the stock. It stretched on fine and sealed the hole even solidly with no wiggle room. Sorry, I don't know the actual size, me and the parts guy kinda eyeballed it, but I should've confirmed... Just came in from a 600 mile "test" () and not a drop leaking!

Hope that helps.
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