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The engine is lovely. My first idea was to do an EX500/650 engine swap into an LC4 chassis, but you saved me a lot of money by proving that it's not possible without very major modifications to the frame.

Haven't gotten that much further yet.

I figured out the shifter:

Russ S mounted the shifter linkless, but I decided that is not a good thing. It reverses the shift pattern, which is not necessarily a bad thing but not desireable also. But the shift shaft also extends a lot out of the engine, and with the pedal mounted directly to it, it might be prone to break in case of dumping the bike. That leaves you stranded, which is a bad thing for an adventure bike.

This solution is so simple and straight that I can even make a new shifter out of a tree branch with a Leatherman if I need to. It also took me 'only' two and a half hours to figure out what I wanted to do (usually takes most of the time), dig up the necessary bits&pieces, and fabricate it.

Today, while the little guy was taking his afternoon nap, I tried finding an acceptable solution for the rear brake pedal. A picture of a possible concept:

I'm not happy with it...
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