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Originally Posted by DRS Canada
I'm in snowy Alberta. I get out to BC for group rides fairly often. I'm on shiftwork so I can string some decent time off together. I Ride mostly Kelowna and North. Really enjoy the areas North of Kamloops, the back corridor into Whistler, Lillooet and area, Marble Canyon etc. Lots to see as I'm sure you could tell me the same about your trails.

I have to ask, Favorite Tire combo? Lotsa variety in the answers I've received. My riding bias is 70% street - 30% dirt...
You're riding my old stomping grounds in BC. Fun stuff. Would not recommend the 270's for that terrain as they won't stand up to the sharp rocks that makes up the trails there. They're good for Ontario with our messier conditions. Look to the TKC80's if you're gonna do that much road, as they'll still do a great job offroad in the Highlands and yet still give you good road manners.
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