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Adding a Cricket grip to your Bikes Handgrips 101.

After doing a bit of boring road riding lately I have been getting cramped hands from what I believe is from the small handgrips on My F800GS.
Then I heard one of the guys tell me that a Cricket Bat handle grip could work a treat. Then 'lo and behold I read about it here on the worlds most informative website.
Anyway I have done a pictorial, the adition took me about 5 minutes.
Dug around in my ladís cricket bag for a spare Bat grip.
For you guys in non-cricket playing areas, this is what the Bat and the handle grip looks like.

The Pink cover is for a Breast cancer promotion for the McGrath foundation. One of our famous cricketers who lost his wife to Breast cancer and now works hard to raise money to fight the disease.
I am going to use a black grip cos its what I found free in the bag.
There is another little tool I found in my sonís cricket bag.

I donít know what the technical name is for this implement so I will call it a cone roller for want of a better name. That is because you roll the grip onto the cone, over the end and onto the bat. Neat as you like.
Now of course the next part is simple, just unscrew the big bolt that keeps my hand grip protectors in place.

Itís a big arsed bolt and tight as shit, had to grimace a little to undo it.

Now I need to measure my handgrip and cut to the right length.

Then roll the grip onto the cone thingy and placing it against my handgrips just keep rolling it right off and into place

Make sure it lines up, unroll it and Bobís your uncle.

Just like a bought one.
Do it all back up nice and tight remembering to grimace.

I reckon for anyone with that wants a wider grip you could easily roll two of these on, kinda like wearing two condoms for an ugly bird in case one falls offÖ
You can get different thickness grips though and they even come in different textures.
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