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Didn't make much progress on the wiring harness recently. My parents are coming to town for thanksgiving so this weekend my gf and I were thoroughly cleaning the apt & organizing, and I convinced her that the best place to store most of the motorcycle stuff was on the motorcycle itself. Now, she's mostly reassembled, minus the mounting for the MegaSquirt, headlight, the real handle bars I'm going to use, gauges & front turn signals... and of course the wiring to make it all work. I did spin it over with the battery & starter, and there doesn't sound like there's any contact in the alternator. The MegaSquirt will be going right underneath the battery tray in pic 2, between it and the little storage box that the rear fender rides on. Thats a little bit low & close to road grime & water for my liking, but for now it'll be good enough. Pic 3 tries to show how far out the alternator casing sticks out. Not too bad, but I had to bend the shifter out by about an inch so it wouldn't hang up on the mounting bolts for the casing when upshifting

Unfortunately, I opened the gas tank and was greeted by the tank sealant having separated from the inside of the tank along the top (and who knows where else), and massively peeling. Guess i'll just need to strip it out & try again. I had heard good things about the POR15 tank sealant stuff; maybe I just didn't clean it out well enough between steps?

And then this last one is the gas tank latch that I kludged together from some spare metal and welded on there, since the stock one was long gone when we got the bike. Not pretty, but it works in the same way.

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