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Originally Posted by toplessFC3Sman
One other question... What would you call the style of handle bar that's on the bike right now? I'd like to get one thats a bit bigger & thicker walled to use so I can drill through it & route the grip wires inside. The one thats on it is from a bicycle and doesn't quite fit, plus seems too thin to try to drill & expect it to stay in one piece in use.
Those bars are called by some "superbike" bars, very similar to the RD350LC standard bars. Most bike retailers should get them easy, or Ebay. You can also get them in alloy, both with a 2" rise and pullback, but also flat (no rise) "drag" bars (2" pullback), made by Renthal, you can even get the bar mounts to go with them. A really comfy set would be a set of MX bars, about 4" rise and 2" pullback, but might be higher than you want (although about 2" less rise than stock). The steel bars might be better than alloy, coz the alloy bars are 4mm thick, so have less I.D. for your wiring.

Great project mate! Excellent left-field solutions to getting an "old girl" breathing new life again. As a long-term owner of a CB350, I applaud your application.

Oh yeah.......if I can make one of these run with standard CV's, then 28mm smoothbores, then with a 36mm Alfa Romeo Dellorto, then finally with a single 1.75" SU carb, then I reckon this will be a breeze compared to your 13BT tuning wise.

Have fun man!
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