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1st rollcall...

Since we have around 1400 hits on this thread I thought it was time to start asking questions of all of you. The plan is do this about every 30 days just as a pulse check for the trip, so please provide the following information. PM's are acceptable

1.) Name (screen name fine)
2.) Steed of choice for trip
3.) Tires you plan to use (really just curious)
4.) Do you have any helmet communications gear (FRS, SCALA, etc.)
5.) Preferred lodging (camping, hotels, don't care, or would like some combination of camping/lodging)
6.) Maximum length of trip you can do (14 days, 21 days, or unlimited time)
7.) Preferred dates for trip (15 September - 02 August as an example)

Hopefully this will help us pair people up when we start comparing information. I will probably compile all this and then either make one new post or if I can I will post right at the beginning for easy reading. Your support of the thread is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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