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Originally Posted by scooteraug02
Poolside so this explains what is wrong with the present system. Can you explain what a perfect or ideal system would do.

We will write up a simplified explanation of some of the functions of a 'modern' EFI system in parts. Each will be a piece of the whole and will give a glimpse into what our solution to that functional area will be.

But a complete write up of an "ideal system", no probably not. That is WAY beyond the scope or time available for both of us combined.

Say you had no limitations what would you build to make a perfect control unit? Would you have more sensors to make more accurate calculations and more accurate fuel delivery in conjunction with timing changes?

Would it disregard pollution standards and go for performance only?

Does another mfgr do it better already?

There are a variety of different solutions to the complex process of combustion as it needs to be applied given todays rules and regulations. To bring even a portion of this up in enough detail would take a lot more time than would be possible right now. Needless to say we need to spend it getting the devices sorted out and ready for production.

Does the boxer do the wasted spark method on the ignition? I had a Pontiac V6 that did the wasted spark. I think they said it sparked the coil of the charged (firing) cylinder and the opposing cylinder at the same time and more spark went to the charged cylinder because it had less resistance.

This is interesting!
Yes boxers use the wasted spark method. Vintageheads, Airheads, early Oilheads, Hexheads, Buttonheads, all of them.

And the real interesting stuff is still yet to come.

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