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OK, back on the RR, and hopefully finishing it tonight. Here are some more shots from the GoPro. It’s the end of the Skyline Drive part of the trip. For what ever reason, I took the camera off at this point and put it away.

Porta Potty..just in case you need to make a quick stop. Actually, it was for the construction work going on, on the next scenic view pull off.

Jeff out in front again.

End of these shots.

And, now in hindsight, looking back, I had wished I still had the camera on. We had gotten off Skyline Drive, and were hungry for some lunch. Jeff found a Quiznos on his Driod, and we were close…so we headed that way. We get there, only to find out, it was closed for renovations. Figures. There was a pizza joint at the end of the same strip mall, so we just decided to eat there and come up with our game plan. After looking at the time, and where we were and where we wanted to be, at the end of the day, for the trek home, to NJ, we decided to loop back up the scenic way, and jump on Rt 250…..which eventually led to Rt 219.(holy run on sentence Batman) Both roads, I really wish I had the go pro going for. But, such is life, and hindsight is 20/20, or so they say.

About 5pm, we were running out of light, just started to get dark, and then it happened. It started to rain. Not a big deal…we have ridden in rain before….heck, we had done track days in the rain. But, after two long, and fun, days of riding, we were ready for a hot meal, cold beer and a dry bed and room. We decided just to head for the next town, in hopes there would be a hotel to find and stay in, and there would be grub and pub close. Next town ended up being Elkins, WV.

Luckily, as soon as we got into town, we saw the Hampton Inn, up the hill. It looked new, so that is where we headed off for.

It was nice and dry, and the girl behind the counter was nice and friendly, and nice enough to let us keep the bikes under the canopy thing. Made for easy unloading and loading of the bikes the next morning. Luckily, they were still there in the morning.

Here are some shots of Jeff teaching me some of the special effects that the camera has. He has the same one and gave my wife and I, the same one for our wedding present. Nice gift, and has gotten a ton of use.

Jeff using the hard wired internet, while I used the wifi connection on my netbook.

More to come and finish next post.
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