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Day 2 - Batopilas to Urique (Plan A)

We were up early and took a walk through town just before breakfast...

The school kids were waiting on the bus...

Some of the local Indians were waiting on the local bus...

The old man in the doorway is one of the most sussessful businessmen in town and is the ex-mayor...

At breakfast, our guide Ivan told us a great story about the ex-mayor that I will try to relate here.
One day a couple of strangers came up to the man and said,
"You're a successful businessman and we want you to run for mayor".
The man said,
"There's no money in politics and I'm not interested"
The strangers said,
"Well there is all these weeds growing in the area at only cost a few pesos to harvest here but will sell for hundreds in the United States and as the mayor you would get to regulate the harvest and make lots of money"
The man says,
"This cannot be legal"
The stangers say,
"But as the mayor you make the law"
So the man agrees and becomes the mayor. As a successful busiinessman soon there is weed everywhere including the flowerpots in the town square.
One day an American traveller comes to town and takes photos of all of this. The traveller leaves and then the President of Mexico gets a visit from the US ambassador who presents the President with the photos and demands that the President do something about this. The President asks where the photos were taken and is told Batopilas and the President of Mexico asks, "Where?".
The ambassador leaves and the President calls in one of his generals and tells him to go to some place called Batopilas and straighten things out to calm down the Americans.
The general comes to Batopilas and goes to see the mayor. They ask the mayor about the weed and the mayor tells them that it is a good business. It only costs a few pesos to harvest and the Americans pay hundreds. The military tells him that this is illegal. The mayor tells the general, "But I am the law and I think it is OK".
The general slaps the cuffs on the mayor and hauls him off to jail where the mayor gets 15 years.
The mayor is sad but he watches what goes on in the jail and soon finds out that items are very expensive in jail. He feels he can start a business charging lower prices, pays off a few guards and soon has a thriving business. The mayor is happy.
In the meantime it takes the sons of the mayor three years but after selling off some the the mayor's prized cows and some other items they raise enough money as a "gift" for the judge and explain to the judge that their father was badly mislead by the strangers. The judge agrees to interview the father to see if he is sufficently remorseful and will make some arrangements.
The sons go to see their father to tell him the good news but the father is horrified to find that the sons sold his prized cows plus he is perfectly happy in jail since he has a good business going. The judge comes to see the father and the father tells the judge that he wants to stay in jail. The judge then tells the sons that their father is crazy and to take him home. The father is now mad at the judge and his sons for ruining his business.

When he gets back to Batopilas the father is not feeling well so his daughters take him to Chihauhau to see a doctor. The doctor runs a bunch of tests and it is all very expensive. This makes the father sad. The doctor then tells him that he needs to walk more and sends him home. Now the father is mad at the daughters for sending his money just to be told he needs to walk more.
As punishment, the father has the daughters make bread every morning. The father would then walk through town and sell the bread. On the way back the father found aluminmum cans which he picked up and then sold for recycling. Soon he had a thriving business and he was happy and agreed with the doctor that walking was indeed good for him.

But I digress.. back to the ride.

We started from the hotel and had to go back through town to the gas station to fill the bikes before heading out. Here is a link to a short video of the ride to the gas pump...

Ride through Batopilas

When Scott filled the 530 KTM and parked the bike we noticed fuel spilling from the back of the tank. I thoght the screws holding the petcock were loose but Scott knew exactly what the problem was...

He had previously developed a crack in the tank and thought he had it repaired but the the repair had failed and was now worse than before. It took Scott, Russ and the rest of the group about 90 minutes to get the leak down to a small enough of a dribble to be able to ride the bike.

We finally left town and were on our way...

We finally stopped to gather up the group at an intersection...

Our lead guide let Scott & Chris ride up ahead towards Mesa San Jose. When Ivan showed up with the support truck he unfortunately pointed out that we were supposed to go the other way. I was then assigned to chase Scott & Chris down and send them back. Fortunately they had only gone a few kilometers when they came to another gate and had stopped to wait.

Now everyone was going in the proper direction and the next challange was six water crossings of the Urique River...

Crossing #1 be continued...
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