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The night before, we had decided we wanted to get out and on the road much sooner. Friday and Saturday, we were not out and riding, as early as we could have been. In an effort to make this happen, we had both packed our gear and bags up, and had them ready to throw right on the bikes. I even showered the night before, to speed the morning process up. We had a lot of miles to cover, since, due to the rain, we had stopped sooner than we wanted to, the night before. I forget the exact mileage, but it was going to be the most miles of the day, to get back. Had we straight slabbed it, it would have been around 367 miles..and we were not going to slab it until we got to Warwick, MD.

It worked, cause an hour to an hour and half sooner, than the previous two days, we had gotten on the road. After a quick continental ( good one this time) breakfast, at the Hampton Inn, we were off.

The rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet and a heavy cold fog was still in the air. For what ever reason, right as soon as I started my bike, I was smelling an odd burning smell. It was one of those," what the heck is going on with my bike" kinda smells. It was a cross between an electrical wire burning smell, and rubber melting. Not good….and did not give me a warm and fuzzy about starting the long trek home. But, I needed to get me and the bike home, so there was not too much I could do about it there at the hotel. I looked over my wiring and the stuff I added on, heated grip warmers and an outlet for the GPS, but everything seemed fine. So, we were off.

When we had left, we just got on the road, and not worried about anything, like getting fueled up for the day. Not a big deal, we only had 60-70 miles on the last tanks of gas. I could go about 120 before my light would come on. Jeff had a bigger tank and could go further, if needed.

We had about a 50 mile ride, before we decided to stop to get gas. This was that route:

We were some pretty desolate back roads. At time, there seemed to be some sort of mill or something in the area. We left passing truck after truck of those large dump trucks….the kinda that bring asphalt, when roads are getting paved. I had no idea what they were hauling, but we passed at least 20 of them. We also came upon this section of road, where they were doing construction. It was actually pavement, they were putting in. Along the way some where, we must have went through some plenty dirty roads, cause the bikes were a mess.

Our first stop was in Gormania. Weird little town, but they had a gas station, and that was all we cared about at that point.

We were right near MD..but still in WV at this point.

Some interesting buildings across the street:

And then, our next stop, to get gas again, somewhere….I am not sure where exactly. The sad and dirty bikes.

And that is the anticlimactic ending to this RR. Dirty bikes end the day. We did not actually stop too much after this, and take any pics. We had one last stop, somewhere in northern MD…where we grabbed a five minute McD's lunch/dinner, and got back on the road asap. We jumped back on Rt 95, headed through Delaware, and went over the bridge back into NJ. We got on Rt 295 and headed home. Jeff and I waved our good byes, as I exited Rt 295 for Rt 38, and he was headed up to grab 195, to head towards his home.

It was a fun trip, and I only wish it had lasted longer and we put on more miles. But, we were happy with just getting out and on a trip finally. I am a sufferer of acid reflux(heart burn), and the proof was in the pudding, as they say, as I did not have one drop of heartburn, the entire three days. Like I said, it was a good break, but I was also glad to get home to my house, see my wife, pet my dogs, and sleep in my own bed again.

Till the next one.
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