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Originally Posted by KayaKTM
The title says it all. I did a search and found no thread for the new 70
degree Husaberg Motors, so here it is!

Lets make this an everything 70 Degree thread, pics, video, questions, problems, parts info, you name it, I want to find it here. I'd start us off with a pic of my new Berg but I take delivery tomorrow. I'll post one later this week.

In the mean time, I'll start. Here are a few links to some aftermarket parts. one of the only people that make aluminum skid plates for the new Bergs. Hyde Racing make a bunch of carbon parts for the new Bergs and the older ones too. here is a link to P3 Pirie Performance Products they make quality carbon stuff for bikes including a nice head guard for the Bergs.

so who's got a 70 degree Berg and wants to talk about it?
I like it! I'm waiting for my 570 to show up and need to feed my need to farkle.
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