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Originally Posted by Indy Unlimited
Here is the latest set up that works great with the Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 Kit:

Preload spacer length 225 mm
Oil level 110 mm using 5 wt fork oil

Springs 0.60 kg/mm x 310
mm long
Range of adjusters is 4.5 turns

Cartridge valves set at C 3 R 3
Machine stock fork caps: Compression adjustment on one fork cap, Rebound adjustment on the other fork cap
Or get the new caps with compression and rebound on each fork and air bleeders.

Spec all that when sending your forks in to Dan Anderson at Traxxion Dynamcs.
Mike from Traxxion did say they (which we do not do any more) use the stock caps I believe.
With the Traxxion Caps the numbers are slightly different because of the cap length but they all equal out. The bleeders would not eliminate the preload adjustment. The caps would have Spring Preload on both sides, Rebound on the right and Compression on the left. Both caps would have the bleeder valve as well.
Preload Spacer 215mm
Oil Level 115mm (125/150 7wt Maxima Oil)
Compression Valve 2 turns out (3 total Turns)
Rebound Valve 2 Turns out (3 total turns)
Preload set 7 turns in (15 total turns)

Price 1249.99 $ 1299 for bleeders.
Pricey but it is a proper fix

You can install yourself or they will do it for 150$
1200GSA /7/5
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