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Originally Posted by yamafitter
I don't know how I forgot this but I believe it was just before lunch I was following Chris on his 990 KTM on a narrow mountain road around a blind sharp bend when I saw Chris shoot to the outside of the turn. I then saw the pickup coming towards us. I took to the inside and flatten myself & the WR against the side of the mountain. The pickup was not going that fast but he didn't stop either and clipped the back of the luggage rack on Chris' KTM knocking him over. The driver looked back, laughed and drove off. Thank you!!
Given that Chris was having problems with the rear brake, been put on the ground by the military the night before and now this, he was not in the best of moods. Chris was all set to chase the clown down and open an economy sized can of whoop ass on the boy but we manged to calm Chris down. After all the bike was fine, Chris was not hurt and Ivan had promised that there would be margaritas waiting for us at the end of the day.
I feel your pain close calls can be many and much closer than that. See my reference to "I saw God in the grill of an F150" in this post

If your bike didn't wind up under the truck it wasn't really all that close
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