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Originally Posted by Wildman
Hey, I got one of these. If I'm washing the bike with a jet spray, is there any part of the bike I should be cautious about blasting with the spray for fear of drowning it in some way?
I'll try this one, someone double check my work here though...

Don't spray:

- directly on the sides of either wheel hub, at the bearing seals
- into the exhaust
- into the intake
- directly on the edge of the tail light
- directly on the edge of the instrument cluster
- directly into the chain grooves
- directly into the shock dust wiper
- directly into any button

Basically you don't want to spray into O-rings or into the exhaust or intake.... Most of these that I said "directly" you can spray from 3 feet away so it isn't pressurized, just don't get real close.
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