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Originally Posted by F650Dakar_Norway
That looks like a neat and elegant solution, but the trick is obviously to cut to shape and provide some energy-damping material behind the Kevlar fibres to save the front tanks from impact damage WHEN, not IF I go down after growing horns and fangs on the dirt.
That's the point. Kevlar is built for sustaining impacts through unbelievable tensile strength. When something impacts a material it cannot fail (sustain a hole) unless the tensile modulus of the material is less than the pressure put on it. Carbon fiber has a very low tensile rating and will not take even half the blow that Kevlar will for it's weight. Also, when Carbon Fiber fails it shoots out very sharp carbon needles that will pierce most any material and lodge themsleves into skin causing irritation and infection.

Like I said before, how many carbon fiber flack jackets and bullet proof vests have you ever seen. NONE. They are all Kevlar and Aramid becuase those fibers are designed to dampen energy through impacts. You know, like the way a rock would impact your tank should you crash or drop your bike.
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